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Building a Home on Roatan: Costs and Insights in 2024

Dreaming of building a custom home in Roatán, Honduras? Envisioning your perfect tropical residence with custom finishes and a personal touch in every detail is just the beginning. Roatán offers a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle, making it a top choice for many looking to build their home in paradise. Roatan is more than just a beautiful island; it’s a place where your heart feels at home. The concept of “home” grounds us, comforts us, and directs our life choices. It’s no wonder that choosing where to settle down and build a home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make.

We spoke with Luca, the owner of Luancon – a leading construction company on Roatan, to ask for his expertise on current building costs in Roatan and what people should consider when starting a home build project on the island. Keep reading to learn his professional insights into everything from selecting the perfect building site to understanding the local building costs and regulations.


Before You Build a Home in Roatan: Choosing the Right Location and Lot

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Building a home in Roatán allows you to define your version of “perfect.” But before you start, you’ll face two major decisions: selecting where on the island you’ll call home and finding the ideal building site.

Choosing a Location:

Roatán’s geography, though less diverse than some countries, offers a variety of neighborhood vibes, from beachfront communities to quiet, forested hills. Consider these factors when buying land in Roatan:

Weather: Enjoy tropical weather year-round, with variations from breezy coastal areas to warmer inland spots.

Lifestyle: Whether you’re into diving, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying local cuisine, your lifestyle will influence your choice of location.

Accessibility: Proximity to services like healthcare, schools, and shopping can be crucial, especially in more remote parts of the island.


The Building Process

Before you wade into the thick of building a home in Roatan, you’ll need to consider a few things:

Surveys and Permits:

Before you start building, ensure you have a boundary survey and, ideally, a topographical survey of your lot. These are essential to plan the construction without encroaching on neighboring properties and to understand the elevations of your land.

Choosing the Right Builder:

Selecting the right professionals is crucial. Choose a reputable builder known for quality work and reliability. Personal recommendations and visiting past projects can help make this decision.

Understanding Timelines:

Having an educated estimate of how long it will take to build your home will help set expectations and your planning process: 

  • An average size home built with wood can take approximately 7 months to complete. Concrete builds will be closer to a 10-12 month timeframe. 
  • Depending on what time of year you begin your project, construction may need to be paused or delayed due to the rainy season. Builders try to calculate timelines so that they can have certain parts completed such as roofing so that they can continue to work on interior aspects during rainy weather. 


Costs of Building a Home in Roatan

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The cost of building a home in Roatan can vary significantly depending on the quality, materials and finishes used in the home. For a quality home finished with solid wood cabinets, quartz countertops and good tiling, as of 2024 the cost average is about $200 per square foot for a concrete build and $150 for wood. While the costs can vary widely based on your choices, but here are key components to consider: 

Lot Type and Preparation: 

Depending on the terrain, costs can range significantly for site preparation. Land on hills – while they are usually sought out for their spectacular views will have additional costs associated with the build such as needing concrete slabs, columns or retaining walls, which can be significant. Homes built on land close to the beach will have higher overall maintenance costs due to the salt and humidity from being close to the water. 


The overall cost per square foot is heavily influenced by the finished materials used in the home. PVC or custom windows, particular types of quartz or tiling, moisture barriers, insulation, siding or other materials that need to be imported will affect the cost of your home.


Ensure access to water, electricity, and internet services isn’t going to inflate your budget unexpectedly.

Professional Fees:

Architect fees also need to be included in a home build budget. Again, these can vary based on the professional hired and their services. Some individuals choose to independently work with an architect and others prefer to go with a contracting company that offers this service in house or can arrange a referral for their client. 


Local regulations require specific permits from the municipality. In most cases, your contractor will arrange to get the necessary permits for your project as part of their service, but you will be responsible for paying the actual permit fees. The average cost for a home construction permit is about $1,000 and $600 for a pool. 


Final Thoughts

Building a home in Roatán is an exciting and complex project. It’s essential to take your time to plan each step carefully. If you need help navigating the options or understanding local building requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team is here to help guide you through your home-building journey in Roatán. If you would like to connect with Luca at Luancon, he can be reached at