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Exploring Educational Excellence: Private Schools in Roatan, Honduras

Thinking of moving to Roatan with school-age children? Then, you are probably wondering about the schools available in Roatan and the quality of education they offer. The good news is that Roatan is home to various private schools catering to the educational needs of local and expatriate families, each with its unique approach to education. There are locations to choose from across the island, depending on the community you live in.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay schools serve many families living in the Western part of the island including development communities like Keyhole Bay and Lawson Rock

Island Academy:

Island Academy, situated in Sandy Bay, offers a U.S. homeschool program for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school’s primary objective is to prepare students for admission to U.S. colleges or universities after graduation. To achieve this, Island Academy integrates art, music, language, and sports into its curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded education.



Discovery Bay:

Discovery Bay is a Montessori-inspired small private school on the island, located in Sandy Bay. Committed to providing superior education, it accepts students from preschool to the ninth grade. Their team of qualified teachers emphasizes a progressive teaching model, designed to build a strong educational foundation for every child.



Bay Island International School:

Situated in Sandy Bay, Bay Islands International School caters to kindergarten through 6th grade, implementing the common core curriculum and collaborating with U.S. schools to ensure the adoption of best practices in education.



Play Based Projects:

Play Based Projects, located in Sandy Bay, caters to early years, kindergarten, and 1st and 2nd primary school grades. The school’s mission revolves around a child-focused and the Reggio Emilia Approach, promoting holistic growth and knowledge through play and exploration.



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Coxen Hole

The central location of Coxen Hole makes ESBIR accessible to families living in the Palmetto Bay community as well as those living on the western part of the island or French Harbour area. 

Roatan Bilingual School (ESBIR):

As the oldest school on the island, ESBIR, located in Coxen Hole, provides a well-established and spacious campus for its students. This bilingual school offers preschool, primary, and secondary education to students. Their educational philosophy is based on the promotion of values of human coexistence and developing in students the ability to take advantage of the knowledge offered by today’s world by making responsible decisions that transform the environment in which they live and their quality of life.


French Harbour

These schools are nearby several Roatan gated communities including Pineapple Villas, Coral Views and Parrot Tree

GuidePost Montessori:

Nestled in French Harbour, this school’s approach is centered on empowering children to achieve independence through personalized learning. Run by Isabel Zapata, an experienced educator, the school focuses on a hands-on curriculum and fosters curiosity and academic excellence. GuidePost Montessori offers preschool, primary, and middle school education.


Nuna Academy:

Found in French Cay, Nuna Academy stands out by recognizing the uniqueness of each child. Emphasizing diverse learning styles and incorporating technology, the school prepares students for an ever-evolving future. Nuna Academy offers PreKindergarten to 12th-grade education.


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Public vs. Private Education in Roatan

While the island boasts an array of private educational options, public schools in Roatan and Honduras face challenges. Public education is compulsory only up to the 6th grade, and the system grapples with funding issues and a lack of effective leadership. Many families, seeking higher educational standards, often turn to private schools for their children’s education.

Private schools in Roatan play a vital role in providing quality education and preparing students for a globally competitive future. The diverse approaches and dedicated educators contribute to making Roatan a hub for educational excellence in the Caribbean.