Carla Gutierrez

Carla Gutierrez | Market Center Administrator

My name is Carla Gutierrez, I was born and raised in Cortes, San Pedro Sula, (the mainland of Honduras).

I moved to Roatan around 2017 to start a new chapter in my life and, since then, the island has become my home.  I appreciate all the great things that the island has to offer. from the beautiful landscapes to its extensive cultural richness and diversity.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Business Administration and more than 10 years of experience, shaping my growth in administration, tourism and hospitality, fashion retail and wholesale, customer service, public relations, and project and operations management.

I am very charismatic, kind, practical, loyal, a perfectionist, strong-willed, methodical, organized, and proactive.

Carla Gutierrez,

I am always seeking personal and professional growth, which is one of the reasons I am part of this special family.

Ana Flores showed me, in a very unique way, the core values and organizational culture of KW by creating greater opportunities for people through an exceptional formation of their career and business, thereby obtaining a better quality of life with experiences worth giving and legacies worth leaving.

KW goes above and beyond just a typical real estate company.  This is not just a job we do, but an opportunity that contributes to our lives in an immeasurable way by making a positive impact and a wonderful experience for each of our associates and customers.

Transform your energy and change your mindset in order to transform your life and change your world!” ~Carla Gutierrez

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