Tomas Figueroa

Tomas Figueroa | Realtor

I am Tomas Figueroa, a bilingual real estate agent based in Roatan, Honduras. With a college degree in business and over four years of experience in the real estate industry, I provide my clients with market knowledge and professionalism.

My passion for real estate, combined with my background in business management, allows me to offer expert guidance and support to those looking to buy or sell properties. I understand the challenges and joys of moving to the island, as I relocated here with my wife and three children. This personal experience gives me a unique perspective on the local community and enables me to provide personalized advice to families seeking a similar transition.

I am committed to providing a smooth and professional experience, utilizing my skills and expertise to ensure customer satisfaction.

“A Realtor is not a sales person – they’re a matchmaker.” ~Unknown

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